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5 Common Signs You Need Heating System Repair

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5 May 2020
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Australia is going through the coldest winter days and not many people are prepared to welcome this early winter blast. See this article which talks about the current weather change and how it affected Australians. Keeping your heating system well-maintained is critical in limiting breakdowns in the freezing cold season and to limit the expensive heater repair work. It also helps you to extend its lifespan. However, your heating system will eventually need repairs over the course of time. Understanding the most common signs of needing a heating system repair is important in helping you maintain a comfortable environment inside your home.

Here are five of the most common signs that you need heater repair work for your home.

#1 Higher Energy Bills

Scheduling professional heater maintenance service is essential in making sure that your system is operating effectively. An inefficient system will cause your energy bill to go up each month. These costs can quickly add up over time and cause you to waste a lot of your money each month due to an inefficient heating system. The best way to avoid this situation is to reach out to a company that specializes in heater maintenance services.

#2 Strange Sounds

Another common reason for needing a heating system repair is if you notice abnormal sounds while your heater is operating. An HVAC system in excellent shape will only make a minimal amount of noise. However, continually noticing strange sounds may be due to a broken component inside the system. Reaching out to an HVAC professional is a good idea to investigate the problem.

#3 Frequently Adjusting Settings

Always having to make frequent adjustments to the temperature setting is another sign that you need to reach out to a company that offers heater service. Typically, you should only need to adjust the temperature settings at night or at the beginning of your day. Constantly making adjustments is a sign that your heating system isn’t working efficiently and needs to be checked out as soon as possible.

#4 Continual Cycling

Most modern heating systems are specifically designed to operate only as needed. Your heater should quit running once your home reaches a certain temperature. However, a malfunctioning heating system may continue to turn on and off with minimal breaks in between. All of this cycling can cause further damage to your unit. The most common reasons for constant cycling is due to an undersized unit, failed compressor, or your system may need to be professionally cleaned.

#5 Variable Temperatures in Each Room

The temperature throughout your home should remain fairly consistent with only a minimal amount of fluctuations near windows and doors. However, your heating system may need repair work if you notice significant temperature differences in various rooms. Many times this is a sign that your unit is undersized.

Scheduling heater maintenance is critical in avoiding many of these problems. Reaching out to a business that offers heating system repair is important in helping you save money over the long-term while also creating a much more comfortable environment. Don’t worry, Quick Air is here to help you. Give us a phone call today to talk about your queries and we can tell you if your heater needs service! Call us on 1300 730 896