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How Does a Split System Air Conditioner Work?

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25 Oct 2020
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A split AC comprises of two units which are the indoor and outdoor units. These units are linked together by piping and an electric cable. This allows the refrigerant from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit efficiently. What makes a split system air conditioner unique is that the loudest parts of the system are placed in the outdoor unit hence minimizing the noise levels in the house.

Generally, air conditioner systems use certain chemicals that can change their form from gas to liquid. This happens when the refrigerant gets fed into the compressor. The refrigerant begins as a low-pressure gas. When this gas gets heated under pressure, it condenses to a liquid. The liquid is then passed through condenser tubes and turns into gas once again.

Once the gas loses pressure, it can release heat and thus bring the cooling effect. This can happen due to the role played by the refrigerant. When the gas gets blown back into the compressor, the process is repeated which makes it a cycle.

This cycle can suck all the air in a room into the AC unit and then passes through the evaporator coils. This forces air to lose the heat in it and the now cooled air is blown into the house via the indoor AC vents. This cycle of air circulation continues until a given temperature is reached. The good thing is that this temperature can be altered by a simple technique of a remote control. When the set temperature is reached, the system switches off and this saves energy.

The process of installing a split air conditioner system

Installing a split air conditioner system is quite a technical undertaking and should be carried out by an HVAC technician. The installation method of a split AC system may vary depending on its manufacturer. Here is the basic way of installing a split air conditioner;

For the indoor unit,

-Choose an ideal place where the inside wall unit will be placed. It should not be exposed to heat or direct sunlight. It should have a free space around it roughly twenty centimeters on all sides. The wall which you choose to place your indoor system on should be strong enough to handle the weight of the system.

-Then proceed by securing the mountain plate on the interior wall that you have chosen. The HVAC technician will measure the perfect height where your unit will sit. The plate will be fixed on the wall with screws.

– a hole will be created on the mounting plate the size of the piping through the system.

-Then the pipes will be connected from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit.

-The indoor unit will then be connected to the mounting plate and it will be ready waiting to be linked with the outdoor unit.

The outdoor unit,

-It needs to be installed in an area that is free from heat and a place that is not subjected to constant movements. It needs a free space of roughly thirty centimeters around it.

-The ground underneath the outdoor unit will require proper leveling. It also needs to sit high from the ground so a concrete slab will be an ideal setting.

-Then the outdoor unit will be placed on the slab and be connected with the indoor unit using wires. The HVAC technician will ensure all connections are done correctly and your split system will be up and running.