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Common Problems with a Split System AC and the Solutions

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13 Oct 2020
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A split air conditioner is an important device that helps to maintain cool temperatures in areas where the weather conditions are extremely hot especially during summer. The split AC system ensures that the condition inside the house is habitable by cooling the rooms which the family members are occupying. Just like any other machine, the aspect of wear and tear is inevitable. There are times when the air conditioning system may fail to function due to a technical problem. You need to understand the kind of problems your split system may be under and how to quickly fix them.

Here are some common problems associated with a split system air conditioner and their solutions;

1. If the split air conditioner system fails to turn on

The first thing you should do is to check if there is a power supply to your air conditioner. The next thing you need to do is to check if the external wiring is alright. Sometimes rodents may nibble up the wires and interrupt the power supply as well as disconnect the circuits. Once you have done that, check that your wiring in your home is all good. If you find out that there is a blown switch or tripping, you should try resetting the power. If all these fails, you should know that your split air conditioner system may be having some internal problems related to the motor or wiring. You can contact an air conditioner technician to fix it for you.

2. If your split air conditioner fails to work

If the fan of your air conditioner is not working, check if it is switched off or the circuit breaker has tripped inside the system. It could be the reason why the power is not reaching the fan even when the unit is switched on. The other reason why the fan may not be functioning properly could be that there is a build-up of ice on the internal coils and this will surely interfere with the functionality of AC. If you have checked all that and the still the air conditioner fails to work, you should contact your air conditioner technician.

3. If there is a mold that has accumulated on your AC

Molds are simply a type of fungi that thrives in areas experiencing humid conditions. The split AC does have ambient temperature which makes an ideal environment for mold to grow. These molds can lead to some serious health issues and therefore it is best if they are dealt with as soon as they begin accumulating. These molds can also hinder the proper functioning of the air conditioning system. All you need to do is open the ac and get rid of all the mold.

4. If the split system AC is not blowing cool air

If this is the case, the first thing you do is to ensure that the thermostat is set which is five degrees lower than the temperature in the room. To further check if the AC is cooling, lower the temperature again. If you find out that the air conditioner is still not blowing cool air even after twenty minutes, go ahead and clean the condenser as well as the evaporator. Make sure that there is a sufficient supply of air from the fins and coils of the condenser. The issue may also be attributed to refrigerant leakage. This can be checked visually without a problem. If the AC still isn’t blowing cool air even after doing all these, consider contacting an air conditioner service.

5. If the thermostat is broken

A thermostat enables one to set their desired temperatures at their convenience. This means you can control the airflow by just setting it on the knobs of the device. When the thermostat is broken, it will be impossible to regulate the ambient temperature. This is bad because it may result in the damage of the entire split air conditioner unit. If the thermostat is broken beyond repair, it will need to be replaced.

As discussed above, split AC units have a variety of parts that all work together to make it functional as required. Ensuring the regular air conditioner service will increase the longevity of your equipment and enable it to always function smoothly.