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Split System Air Conditioners

A split system air conditioner is basically comprised of two main parts: the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. The outdoor part accommodates the condenser coil, compressor, and the capillary tubing or expansion coil. This unit is often installed near or on the wall outside of the space or room that you want to cool. On the inside of the house, the sleek-looking indoor part is set up containing an air filter, a long blower, and a cooling coil.

When operating, the warm air flow from inside your house will be drawn in by the cooling coil and removed, which results in the recirculation of cool air back to the house. During cold days, reverse cycles allow for the heat pump to circulate in reverse to offer warm air.

3 reasons to choose QuickAir

Split system air conditioners require regular maintenance, yet they are amongst the least serviced appliances in the market. Everyone wants their unit to perform at its peak level in the summer, but Australia’s humidity and damaging components in the air can take a huge toll on the outside and inside parts of a split system air conditioner. That is why it is essential not to neglect your system and hire a professional to service your unit regularly.

1. Install a split system air conditioner

Unlike other appliances, a split system air conditioner should be professionally installed by an experienced and certified technician. Due to the use of ozone-depleting refrigerant gases, QuickAir would ensure the safety of your house during the installation process.

Our experts can also advise on where to position an outdoor or indoor unit and how to keep these parts in the best condition. Ideally, an outdoor unit should be placed on a firm surface and stay away from direct sunlight.

2. Regular maintenance

Your split system air conditioner should be maintained regularly to ensure a normal operation. For example, it is necessary to test the levels of refrigerant gas, check the thermostat and ensure all the internal parts are in good condition. This would keep your unit working for years. Faulty parts or the need for replacement of the unit can be diagnosed during this process. Only licensed technicians can find out these problems immediately and offer the right solution.

3. Professional cleaning

Cleaning a split system air conditioner produce healthier and cleaner air, also allowing for a more efficient air conditioning system, which can significantly reduce your monthly electricity bill.

In addition to removing dust, dirt, and debris in the filters, fan, and other parts in the system, our experienced technicians will also check for potential issues to ensure that your air conditioning system can work properly during the summer.

QuickAir is your best choice for this summer

Summertime in Australia can be extremely harsh with the heat and humidity making you feel uncomfortable or even put your loved ones at risk. Installing a good air conditioner and allowing for its best operation should be a top priority to ensure your family’s comfort in the hot season.

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