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Why Does My Gas Wall Heater Keep Shutting Off?

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6 Jun 2021
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A gas wall heater shutting off abruptly is a commonly occurring problem faced by people all over the world. If this issue is not solved immediately, homeowners might find themselves looking for new gas heater installation. To avoid hefty charges and long-term damage, a gas wall heater technician can be employed to inspect the issue.

Down below are some reasons why your gas wall heater might keep shutting off.

1. Air filter cleaning

Often, what might seem like a huge problem can be solved just by conducting proper air filter cleaning. When there is too much dirt or debris clogged in the air filters, there will be lesser airflow in the system. To solve this issue, all you have to do is ensure that the gas wall heater maintenance work is carried out properly. A 90 day period is suggested by Quick Air Sydney experts for cleaning, and this period should be lessened to 60 days if there are pets in the house.

2. Furnace sizing

Another reason why the gas wall might repeatedly be shutting on and off is because of the size of the heater installed. Make sure to buy a heater that fits the dimensions of your house. If an oversized gas wall heater is installed in your home, the system will likely turn off on its own once the room is sufficiently heated. It would then automatically turn on once the need for heating is required. A gas wall heater technician will suggest that the heater be replaced with a more appropriately sized unit.

3. Flue pipe maintenance

One common problem that homeowners are often unable to detect is to do with the flue pipe. Getting gas wall heater service done at regular intervals can help in avoiding these problems. Often flue pipes get clogged with dirt and debris.  Various technicians might inform you that the exhaust vent needs servicing, which means the same thing. Any blockage in the flue pipe can result in a build-up of gases. The excess amount of hot gas can cause overheating. When the system is overheated, it will shut off.

4. Blocked vents

Lack of air can cause the heaters to shut off of their own accord. If there is not a sufficient amount of air provided to the heater, the exchanger in the set won’t be able to give off heat as a transfer. Take a look at your supply vents and ensure that the area is not blocked. Regardless of whether the room is used or not, keep the air ventilation open to avoid heat build-up in the system. Blocked vents not only cause your heater to turn on and off on its own, but it can also be damaged further, which would require expert help.

Gas wall heater maintenance and service are crucial for your machine to run smoothly in the long run. Experts from Quick Air can help you with any kind of heating issues. Call us at 1300 730 896.