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The Cost of Running a Hydronic Heating System

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28 May 2024

Are you considering a cost-effective heating system for your home? A hydronic heating system may be the ideal choice. This system operates by heating water in a boiler, which is then transferred as heat to various rooms. However, many homeowners are curious about the hydronic heating cost to run it effectively. You’ll be relieved to know that whether you use wall or underfloor heating, hydronic heating costs are generally more cost-effective compared to other methods.

In a hydronic system, water is the primary medium used to heat spaces. Just like any heater, fuel is required – options include natural gas, LPG, or solid fuel. Initially, heated water circulates through pipes and is reheated in the boiler when temperatures drop. This process consumes less energy as the water retains some warmth, making the hydronic heating cost more manageable and the system itself a cost-effective solution for heating.


How Much Does it Cost to Run Hydronic Heating?

A hydronic heating system is notably less expensive than many other heaters; it’s 35% more energy-efficient than a ducted heating system. The unique mechanism of the hydronic heating system contributes to its cost-effectiveness. If you’re seeking a heating system with low operational costs, the hydronic heating system is worth considering.

According to Sustainability Victoria, the annual hydronic heating cost ranges between $1050 and $1250 per system, which is less than the over $1300 required for gas ducted heating. Though hydronic systems lack a star rating, they can yield significant long-term savings.

Leaving your hydronic heating running all day still incurs less cost than using a gas ducted or reverse cycle heating system. It’s crucial to consider the cost differences over several years – a heating system should be both cost-effective and efficient, helping save a considerable amount of money over time. As hydronic heating reuses heat, it stands out as one of the most budget-friendly options available.


What Makes Hydronic Heating So Special?

While installation costs may be higher, hydronic heating can deliver significant savings over time due to its high energy efficiency. Additionally, hydronic heating systems are known for their low maintenance costs, enhancing their value further.


Professional Hydronic Heating Installation

Looking for reliable hydronic heating installation, repairs or maintenance services? QuickAir is a trusted provider, offering a range of services to ensure your system operates efficiently. We prioritise optimal system performance, and our skilled technicians are committed to delivering satisfactory results – contact us today for a free quote on hydronic heating services.