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Do Window AC Units Use A Lot Of Electricity

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5 Aug 2019
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With energy costs on an upward trajectory, homeowners are always on the look for new technologies that would help lower their monthly energy bills as much as possible. Cooling and heating is one area where homeowners are keen to minimize their energy costs. Cooling and heating account for nearly fifty per cent of energy expenses in the average home and this is why saving costs on this area is always a top priority for most people.

So, how best can you reduce your monthly energy costs?

Currently, there are potentially endless types of air conditioners out there on the market, so without relevant professional advice, it can be quite hard to choose the most energy-efficient HVAC unit. It is always advisable to find the best method to heat and cool your home while saving on energy costs as much as possible. Window air conditioners are highly energy-efficient devices that can help to lower your energy costs significantly.

So, what is a window air conditioner?

Window air conditioning units are sometimes called room air conditioners. They are arguably the simplest type of HVAC systems and are usually mounted on windows, hence the name. It is a single system which is installed inside a casing where nearly all the components are kept. It has outdoor components featuring a condenser coil, fan motor, propeller fan, and a compressor and an indoor component that features a cooling coil, fan blower, operation panel, drain pan, filter drier, and a capillary tube. All these components function holistically to help achieve a desired heating and cooling requirement.

Does window AC unit use a lot of electricity?

As we previously mentioned, this type of AC is one of the most energy-efficient units you can ever find on the market. This implies that it does not consume lots of electrical energy, and this is one of the driving reasons why you should consider a window AC installation. Window air conditioners come equipped with incredible features that incorporate the technologies in the world of heating and cooling. By acquiring the most appropriate window system for your needs, and setting it to function at peak efficiency during ideal times, you can potentially save big on your monthly energy bills. So how do these type of help lower your energy bills?

  • Automatic timer: A programmable timer allows you to conveniently set a start and stop time for your device. It gives your device the possibility to conserve energy because it will automatically shut off when nobody is around. Higher models feature advanced timers that will almost control your device independently to allow you to save energy as much as possible.
  • Energy efficiency rating: Window units are not only highly affordable but are essentially designed to help keep your energy consumption low. A typical window air conditioner will use approximately between 500 and 1440 watts of electricity, whereas the average central conditioning unit installed in an averaged size home will use about 3500 watts of power. You can see the difference! Of course, central units cool an entire house as opposed to window units that are only effective at cooling a single room. Air conditioning units are measured using BTU (British Thermal Unit) rating; which indicates the amount of heat it can eliminate from your room. The higher the number, the more powerful the unit. It is also important to take into account the unit’s SEER rating, which refers to the seasonal energy efficiency ratio. Equally, the higher the number, the efficient the unit is.
  • Window units are programmed to provide cooling only where needed, and this means they can be less costly to operate than their central unit counterparts.

Air conditioner installation is arguably one of the most important lifetime investments you’ll ever make. As such, it’s important to make the right decision when seeking to install one. There are numerous brands and models of window AC units and you’ll need the help of an air conditioner service provider to help you make the right decision.

Despite their numerous benefits, window ac units can present a challenge to homeowners because of their installation requirements. If you didn’t know, a window unit needs to be permanently installed in via a partially open window, to allow it to drive out hot air from your room. Without adequate ventilation, the unit might not effectively cool a room! For a successful air conditioner installation process, you will need the assistance of a qualified air conditioner service technician. You can contact us on 1300 730 896Quick Air can help you with all your air conditioning problems. We also provide custom quotations for new installations.