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Common Causes of Air Conditioning System Failure

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24 Apr 2019
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Most people usually care less about their AC until when they turn it ON and realize that it is not operating at full capacity. The air conditioning plays a crucial, especially during the summer season. It is therefore very important to ensure that your air conditioning is working efficiently to keep hot summer heat out of your home. However, just like any other electronic appliance, air conditioning unit is prone to system failure or breakdown. The cause of these system failures can be as a result of different issues. In this article, we are going to discuss the common causes of AC system failures.

1. Coil problems

The air conditioning unit is equipped with two coils. They include the condenser coil and evaporator coil. The condenser coil can be filled with grim or dirt thus reducing its ability to transfer heat. On the other hand, the evaporator coil that is filled with a refrigerant that helps the unit to absorb humidity and heat can break down preventing it from cooling warm air. If these two crucial coils break down, then your AC will not run efficiently. If your AC has coil problems, call a reputable air conditioning service to fix the problem.

2. Cracks and leaks in the ventilation and pipe

If there are cracks and holes in the special pipe that runs the refrigerant, then it will affect the ability of your air conditioner to cool your home. Likewise, if there are any leaks or holes in the duct, then the cool air will not reach your house as it should. On the other hand, if the drains are clogged, the water will build up to your system. This water will not only damage the AC, but it will also damage the ceiling, wall, and furniture. It will also promote the growth of mould. Fixing crack and leaks on the air conditioning system is quite complex and hence needs to be handled by an experienced air conditioner repair expert.

3. Cooling fans failure

Cooling fan helps to regulate the temperature in the unit. The AC unit has two fans. The first one helps to cool the evaporator coil while the second one cools the condenser coil. If these fans fail, then both the condenser and evaporator coils will overheat. As a result, the efficiency of the AC will be compromised. Fan failure is usually caused by lack of lubrication, issues with the motor, dirty fan blades or worn out belts.

Another crucial component in the unit that regulates temperature is the thermostat. If the thermostat is not well calibrated, then it can result to air conditioner failure. If you AC has temperature regulation issues, then the best solution is to call a reputable air conditioning service to fix the problem.

If your AC system is not functioning at optimum levels, then it means that it is experiencing system failure. If that is the case then we are here to help you. As an experienced air conditioner installation and repair service, we can fix all system failure that you AC is experiencing within a short period of time. Don’t wait, call Quick Air today on 1300 730 896 to book an appointment with our technician!