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Can Your HVAC Air Filter Protect You From Corona Virus

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5 Apr 2020
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With no cure for the Corona virus, and the risk of infection sky-high, a lot of people are left wondering whether their HVAC air filter can protect them from the Corona virus. That is what we want to discuss in this post.

How the Corona virus Spreads

As you probably know by now, the Corona virus spreads in a multitude of different ways. It can be airborne. It can spread through touching. It can spread simply by talking to a person who has been impacted by the condition. Since we do not have an immunity to the virus, it is incredibly easy to become infected by it. This is why many countries around the world are in complete lock down, and will likely be for the foreseeable future.

Of course, since the Corona virus is spread in several different ways, your HVAC air filter won’t be able to protect you from everything. After all, the HVAC will only be able to take the particles that are floating around in the air. The question is, can the HVAC air filter deal with the Corona virus?

Can the HVAC Air Filter deal with the Corona virus?

At the moment, we are not 100% sure. This is still a relatively new disease and a lot of air filter manufacturers are looking at whether their filters can deal with the Corona virus. We do know that many filters on the market can filter out certain viruses, so the results we have seen so far are certainly promising.

What you must remember is that even if you have a clean air filter, it is not going to kill the Corona virus. Research suggests that the Corona virus can survive on surfaces for up to 9 days. So, even if your HVAC filter is able to stop the Corona virus circulating throughout your home, the virus is still going to lay dormant on the air filter. This means that you will absolutely not want to touch it with bare hands or without wearing a mask. If you do, then you will get infected.

Your HVAC Air Filter will not be able to deal with all Corona virus particles

As we mentioned previously; the virus can be transmitted in several ways. Unless the virus is airborne, then it is not going to be sucked up into the HVAC system. It may still be on the surfaces that you touch. This is why it is so important that you are regularly washing your hands, and why it is so important that you are not heading outside unless it is 100% necessary. Even then, you should remember that your HVAC may still not be able to take out all of the Corona virus particles floating around your home. They are absolutely tiny and they float with ease.

However, despite all of this, switching on your air conditioner can do absolutely no harm. As long as you keep your air filter clean, and your air conditioner service has been carried out recently, then you are going to have a little bit of protection from the virus. Since we know that some of the deadliest cases of the condition have been due to high viral loads being launched at a person, every Corona virus particle you remove from the environment can be seen as a win, even if you do not get all of them.

Have your Air Conditioner Looked At

If you can, now is the time to have a bit of air conditioner maintenance carried out. This way, a professional can look over your HVAC equipment and see that it is functioning properly. If it isn’t, then they can carry out a spot of air conditioner repair. This is vital to ensuring that your HVAC can protect you from Corona virus as much as possible! We provide heating and cooling services in the safest way. Please see our policies on Covid-19.